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Getting started with factoring is...

Quick and Simple

Build a positive cashflow through factoring
smarter solutions for growing companies

Being able to move quickly from one opportunity to the next is critical for any business.
Summar has a smart solution for making this happen: FACTORING. How does it work? It’s simpler than you might think.

For a monthly fee on each invoice, you receive:

  • Funding in 24 to 48 hours.
  • Working capital to finance all aspects of your company’s operation.
  • Analysis of your customers’ creditworthiness.
  • Professional support for your accounts receivables department.
  • Guidance on billing procedures that can help your company achieve its goals.

Many business owners have a misconception that factoring is only for companies that are “in trouble”
or they believe that factoring is somehow related to collections agencies.

Neither could be further from the truth, especially when you work with Summar.

Your Benefits

  • Receive immediate payment on invoices: Obtain immediate Cash Flow for your Company by turning your accounts receivable into Cash. Stop having to offer “early payment discounts”.
  • Take on New Business: Keep growing and spend more time focusing on generating revenue.
  • Reduce risk and costs for your business: By outsourcing credit evaluation for your customers, credit insurance coverage, and collections efforts. Reduce costs associated with bad credit and credit evaluation.
  • Increase working capital: Based on the creditworthiness of your client (debtor), rather than based on your direct financial performance and without increasing your liabilities of your Balance sheet. (Factoring funds are not registered as liabilities on your balance sheet.)
  • Receive an integrated solution: End collection calls. That includes credit analysis, customer service, funding process, collections efforts and credit insurance coverage supported by the expertise of our bilingual team.




1. Invoice Issued

2. Invoice

3. Assignment

4. Cash

5. Payment
of Inovice

Our Services

Available for companies with customers in the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico. We purchase account receivables at 70 – 90% advance rates depending upon the creditworthiness of your customers.

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International Factoring

This service is provided to companies operating anywhere in the world, selling to customers around the globe. International Factoring is particularly interesting to exporters and importers looking to alleviate overseas credit risk …

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When clients have a P.O and insufficient cash to deliver the product or provide the service, Summar finances the operation by providing the necessary funds and collecting payment directly from the client’s customer

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Summar’s in-house bi-lingual customer service department has some of the best professionals in the industry.

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Summar uses a combination of our credit department together with major credit insurance companies to assign a credit limit for your customer.

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Transportation Factoring

Summar has created CASHFACTOR, a “freight cash” program specially tailored to the transportation industry. Our “freight cash” service is the result of extensive market research and …

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Success Stories

IT Hardware Contractor

One of Summar’s most rapidly growing clients came to us as a one-man enterprise.
Having worked in an electrical equipment installation company for some time, our customer felt that he could provide a better quality service than his employer could and therefore decided to set up shop on his own.

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CA Pineapple Producer

CA Pineapple consists of an agribusiness firm which grows pineapple in Central America and exports it to the United States. The company has had long-standing relationships with customers and a healthy sales growth but it wanted to increase its Nicaragua operation and needed immediate access to capital in order to buy pineapple as soon as it came to market.

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CM Clothing Manufacturer

CM Clothing Manufacturers recently signed a fulfillment contract for one of the largest sales catalogue companies in the nation. The reputation and customer base of this catalogue wholesaler are impressive and being able to establish a relationship with it guaranteed substantial growth for CM’s business.

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