Collections Service

Tired of those overdue payments? Having the same collection issues every month? Summar´s multidisciplinary collections department can help you relax and concentrate your efforts on more sales and growth. Having a robust team of fluent English and Spanish speaking collection agents, our collections team manages over 15,000 invoices collected every month. Specialized in domestic and foreign account debtors, our collection agents will be your 24/7 solution for your collections needs. Your present and future additional sales decisions will be backed up by timely collection alerts and reports. Summar´s collection department is your best ally to manage your credit risk and allow you to sell giving open terms with peace of mind. Our collections services includes credit insurance with one of the top insurance companies in the world.

Signature strategy includes friendly remainders, soft and follow-up up calls plus a weekly statement sent to the account debtors with detailed info on their aging. Summar´s collection department prioritizes every 45 days outstanding invoice, making whatever effort it takes to secure payment without exceeding 60 days.  Automatized tasks, personalized collections queues, and highly industry focused profiles, gives our strategy that additional edge to deliver and performed as expected.

No factoring service can be whole without a premium and result oriented collections service. While you work on your sales, we make sure your payments are delivered on time.  Securing your payments in our top priority. Selling will no longer be jammed by those off term collections. In Summar, we take our collection monitoring seriously. We collect and specialize in various sectors, including but not limited to, textile, Produce, Manufacturing, Industrial, Staffing and Construction. Regulations, case by case industry based rules, contracts, procedures and terms are well known and considered by our collections staff. Constant training for dynamic industry changes is an institutional policy with our collections team members. We will always be on top of the market and ready to respond and adapt to day to day situations.

Whether you decide or not to factor your receivables with us, our collections services can also be offered independently. Don’t hesitate to contact us and give that desired spin off to your business.