Fuel advances with-in 30 minutes with freight factoring!

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Take your trucking company to the next level with freight factoring. See how in 30 minutes Summar can provide you with a fuel advance.

Fuel for a commercial truck costs on average about $70,000 a year (calculated at 12,000 miles per month with 6 mpg efficiency and $2.8/gallon). In fact, fuel is the number one operating cost for trucking companies, even exceeding drivers’ pay. If you run a trucking company you are familiar with the problematic, so consider how having fuel advances can greatly impact your growth.

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Questions to ask your factor before signing

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While invoice factoring has many advantages, working with factoring companies can be tricky at times. Between the long-term and difficult to get out of contracts, confusing terms and hidden fees, some factoring companies leave too much information open to suggestion to make this an easy and enjoyable experience. Read on if you want to learn how to work with factoring companies and what to look for so that you get a fair deal. Before you make a commitment to an invoice factoring company to work with, make sure you understand how invoice financing works, and how to best decide, which factoring company will serve you best. Here are some questions to have in mind: Read More

The benefits of invoice factoring

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Invoice factoring for an immediate cash flow will allow you to continue running your business, pay your bills and grow along the way.

We recently received a call from a friend telling me that this had been her best year in business. Not only did she add three more trucks to the two she was already running, she was also able to hire some help at the office. She told me the story about how scary it had been for them, when they decided that her husband would go out on his own after being a driver for a large trucking company for many years. Read More

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