Central American Pineapple Producer

CA Pineapple consists of an agribusiness firm which grows pineapple in Central America and exports it to the United States. The company has had long standing relationships with customers and a healthy sales growth but it wanted to increase its Nicaragua operation and needed immediate access to capital in order to buy pineapple as soon as it came to market.

Based out of Central America, CA Pineapple was encountering problems signing new clients because it was challenging to extend credit to clients in the U.S. without access to American credit rating agencies.

The company, while managing its successful business, needed to streamline its operations in order to be able to fund the growth in its Nicaraguan operation. Accounts had to be settled on a timely basis and past payment defaults were unacceptable. A system that allowed access to clients’ credit information was necessary.
Measures Taken
The company hired Summar as an agent for its Accounts Receivable. Summar performed credit checks for all of CA Pineapple’s customers and purchased its account receivables. Subsequently, it insured CA Pineapple’s receivables, thus ensuring that product delivered successfully would be paid for in full while immediately depositing payment for any invoices processed.

Additionally, Summar assisted CA Pineapple in servicing accounts receivable from within the U.S., therefore effectively eliminating CA Pineapple’s overseas courier costs.


CA Pineapple was able to rapidly gain access to funds which it needed to successfully completed the expansion of its production facilities in Nicaragua while signing new customers without incurring further credit risk.