Every Start-up needs access to capital. Whether for initial roll-out efforts, acquiring inventory, paying the first employee, among other needs that a company may face. However, without any history or revenue, it becomes difficult to secure a loan. And you are left wondering which path is right for you. 

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Unlike traditional bank loans, factoring is based on the credit capacity or credit worthiness of your start-up’s customers, allowing your business to grow at the rate of its sales and not the financial strength of the company.

Summar offers factoring programs for US companies and start-ups with domestic and international sales and for export companies anywhere in the world billing in US dollars. We have served more than 1,000 companies and exporters in more than 30 countries.

Our product is dynamic and aims to offer the liquidity and security required by growing start-up companies. No other financial tool can generate more timely liquidity than factoring.