Fish proteins, formed by chains of amino acids, in addition to containing calories play a fundamental role in daily feeding. The muscles of the body, as well as cartilage, ligaments, skin, hair, and nails, are composed of proteins.

For the body to function properly, a minimum amount of good quality protein must be ingested in the daily diet. Foods of animal origin contain all the essential proteins, therefore, the nutrients found in eggs, meats, fish, milk, and products derived from these foods are of high biological value.

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On the other hand, fish is a source of complete proteins of high biological value. It is estimated that an average of 20 gr. of protein per day, every 100 gr. should be of fish. Since it covers one-third of the total protein requirement since it contains all the essential amino acids that the body needs in an adequate amount and proportion.

Why should we consume fish protein?

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The organism requires an obligatory daily supply of quality proteins to ensure the synthesis and regeneration of its cells and growth. Fish, for example, contains many trace elements such as iodine, zinc, or copper, specifically in species of marine origin. They are an important source of minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, iodine and magnesium – and vitamins belonging to groups B -B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12-, A and D -the latter are found in the fattest fishes.

How to consume fish?

To take advantage of most of the benefits of fish, simply eat it raw or cooked quickly. In the seafood industry, shrimp, tuna and salmon are the favorites; meanwhile tilapia is the product with greater growth. In any case, in the end, everything depends on the type of fish you choose and your taste.

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The United States is one of the most important markets for seafood. The foodservice industry has come with a significant increase that depends entirely on imports, achieving almost 86% of seafood consumption throughout the country. Our invitation is to continue increasing responsible and traceable consumption since thousands of families depend on this important economic activity.

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