Freight Factoring

Our freight factoring program is tailor made for the trucking and logistics companies in need of faster payments so that they can continue to move more loads and grow faster without the need of their own capital. In this program we offer fuel advances, discounted gas fuel cards, same day payment for completed loads and more. Our team of professionals specialize in this industry to offer a fast and knowledgeable service just like the industry demands it.


Our competitiveness in the marketplace is defined by:

We serve as universal quick pay
Free online credit check for all loads
We offer discount fuel card programs
We offer fuel advances up to 50%
All of our programs are non-recourse
We offer a no risk, easy out contract
Choose from a variety of funding options
Our programs are custom tailored to your needs

Best of all, we’re available after hours and weekends!

You are guaranteed that we will process your transportation invoices and advance you cash the same day that we receive your ‘factorable’ paperwork. For your convenience, you can check, if your customers are factorable online free of cost with our 24/7 online credit checking system.

Our online automated service allows you to determine instantly if we will factor your load or not. If we approve your broker (load), you can haul with peace of mind knowing we will purchase that load with our non-recourse program.

The Flow

Pick-up load and be eligible for up to 50% fuel advance

Deliver load

Send us the BOL & Rate Confirmation Sheet

Receive up to 98% of your load amount SAME DAY we receive your paperwork.

Why choose us

We have no hidden fees
You select the program that best suits your needs and know how much it will cost
We give advances on all your credit approved loads
Our service is courteous, personalized and fully bilingual
We always process same day
We strive to accommodate to your needs
All of our programs include non-recourse credit guarantee
No long-term contract. You stay with us because you like us!
No reserve programs available
Best fuel advance program in the industry
Receive up to 50% of your load within minutes of pick-up at a cost that most brokers can’t beat

How we work