Accounts Receivable Management

Whether you decide or not to factor your receivables with us, our accounts receivable service can also be offered independently. Don’t hesitate to contact us and give that desired spin-off to your business.

This service is provided to better assist clients in the collections process of their Accounts Receivable.

Our accounts receivable service is handled by a knowledgeable and experienced team with a proven track record of timely collections in a wide range of industries. We base our accounts receivable service on our technology and on building strong relationships with your customers to be able to bill and collect on time so you can focus on growing your business. Regulations, case by case industry-specific rules, contracts, procedures, and terms are well known and considered by our collections staff. Our agents collect more than 15,000 bills each month.

Our specialized collection team, both in debtors of national and foreign accounts, will be your 24/7 solution for your collection needs. Your decisions on current and future additional sales will be supported by timely alerts and collections reports. Summar’s collections department will be your best ally to manage your term sales and credit risk mitigation operations. Our service includes a credit insurance service with one of the world’s leading insurance companies.

Our signature strategy includes friendly reminders, soft and follow-up up calls, plus a weekly statement sent to the account debtors with detailed info on their aging.

The collection department of Summar prioritizes each outstanding invoice with 45 days, doing everything possible to guarantee the payment without exceeding 60 days. Automated tasks, personalized collections queues and highly focused profiles in the industry, gives our strategy an additional advantage to deliver the expected results. No factoring service can be complete without a result-oriented collection service. While you work on your sales, we will make sure that your payments are collected on time. Securing your payments is our top priority. Your sales will no longer be delayed by those overdue accounts. At Summar, we take our collection monitoring very seriously. We specialize in several sectors, including, but not limited to, textiles, agriculture, manufacturing, industrial, outsourcing and construction.

Our collection staff has in-depth knowledge of regulations, contracts, procedures and terms based on each industry. The constant training based on the dynamic changes in the industries, is an institutional policy. We will always be watching the market, ready to respond and adapt to everyday situations. Whether or not you decide to factor with us, our collection services can also be offered exclusively and independently. Do not hesitate to contact us and thus give that desired turn to your business.

Securing your payments on time while preserving and excellent relationship with your customer is our top priority.