International Factoring

This program is designed for companies outside the US with sales all over the world. International factoring is particularly attractive for exporters looking to alleviate overseas credit risk and streamline global receivables transactions.


International factoring service

Factoring enables you to quickly build cash flow instead of waiting several weeks or even months for customer payments. The international (Import/Export) service typically includes:

  • Credit Analysis
  • Customer Service
  • Funding
  • Collections
  • Credit Insurance

One of the most important problem for exporters is, the increasing insistence of importers for an open account trade and longer payment terms. This often means, receiving the payment several weeks after the invoice date.

Benefits of International Factoring:

  • Doing business and transactions in a secured environment.
  • Lower operational & documentation workload than the other alternatives.
  • Dunning and collection.
  • Accelerated cash flow through faster collections
  • Increased sales in foreign markets by offering competitive payment terms.
  • Protection against bad debts and insolvency on foreign customers

Why choose Summar?:

Summar offers factoring programs and Supply Chain Finance programs for companies in the United States with international sales and for export companies anywhere in the world billing in US dollars.
We have served more than 1000 companies and exporters in more than 30 countries.
Summar specializes in providing invoice factoring lines between $200K to $5M, for companies with annual revenues up to $50M.
Grow your international trade business and increase your presence in foreign market with our exclusive international factoring solutions, which allows you to offer attractive payment terms through a secured environment.


Continuous cash flow without requiring periodic payments


Credit Check your clients and mitigate your credit risk by insuring your A/R


We offer flexibility and speed in all our processes


Online access to your account information 24/7


Non-recourse factoring


Bilingual account executives trained to provide personalized and specialized service


Enhanced borrowing potential and an opportunity to make use of supplier discounts


Increase your presence and visibility in international trade markets


P.O. Financing as a complement to the factoring service

Tailor made factoring solutions for your cross-border operations

Discover Summar’s tailor made factoring solutions designed specifically for your country’s structure, market and industry specifics. Should your international operations require special needs, we can offer a full consultation to find the best fitting program for your business.