Build a positive cash flow through factoring

Summar provides factoring solutions that help companies of all sizes build more cash flow and grow faster.


Side by side

Earn 5% of the fees earned during the life of the referred account.

Receive your money in 2 Hours

Drive your business forward.

You put in the miles, we put in the cash.

Stay ahead with our factoring solutions.

Smarter solutions for growing companies

Being able to move quickly from one opportunity to the next is critical for any business. Summar has a smart solution for making this happen:

Freigth Factoring

Invoice Factoring

International Factoring

Purchase Order Finance

Supply Chain Finance

Accounts Receivable Management

Credit Analysis

Fuel Card Program

Your Business Empowered by Summar:

 We offer custom factoring solutions that will continue to fund your business as you grow.

 Cash on Hand

Receive payment within 24 hours or less.

Fuel Card Program

Receive fuel advances and customer solutions that allow you to grow your fleet, increase your number of runs and so much more. Our Discount Fuel Card has a dedicated 24/7 customer service team as well as online account management.

Competitive Rates

The best possible cash solutions for your growing business. The more invoices you factor, the lower the rates will be.

Exceptional Customer Service

We have a fully bilingual staff that will offer professional support for your accounts receivables department and guidance on billing procedures to finance all aspects of your company’s operation.

Many business owners have a misconception that invoice factoring is only for companies that are “in trouble” or they believe that factoring is somehow related to collections agencies. Neither could be further from the truth, especially when you work with Summar.

It’s simpler than you might think. Get the facts and find out more on business invoice factoring, accounts receivable factoring rates, freight factoring and so much more.

Your Benefits



Business Invoice Factoring:

Receive immediate payment on invoices and obtain cash flow for your company by turning your accounts receivable into cash. Stop having to offer “early payment discounts.”


Business Invoice Factoring:

Receive immediate payment on invoices and obtain cash flow for your company by turning your accounts receivable into cash. Stop having to offer “early payment discounts.”


Take on New Business:

Our mission is to provide fast financing, exceptional services, low rates, and the capital you need to keep growing and spend more time focusing on generating revenue.


Reduce Risks & Costs:

By outsourcing credit evaluation for your customers, credit insurance coverage, and collections efforts you may reduce costs associated with bad credit and credit evaluations.


Increase Working Capital:

Based on the creditworthiness of your client (debtor), rather than based on your direct financial performance and without increasing your liabilities of your balance sheet (factoring funds are not registered as a liability in your balance sheets).


An Integrated Solution:

End collection calls and gain a customer service team, a credit analysis funding process, collections efforts and credit insurance coverage supported by the expertise of our bilingual team.

The Invoice Factoring and Freight Factoring Process



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