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Jose B.

Summar has been with me from the beginning. At first, one does not have the experience of knowing if it is worth paying that little extra for good service, but with time they proved it is worth it because that service goes a long way. I have the peace of mind that my business is moving without having to spend every second chasing the loads. Summar’s staff is super professional. If something is wrong, they inform you immediately, and they work with you until the problem is solved. They make you feel as if you were their only client, a VIP treatment without a doubt. The manager of my account is one of the most dedicated and professional people, and he truly makes me feel that he is my friend and that he is taking care of my business and my money. I recommend Summar, that will be your best decision without a doubt!!!!!

Y. Capote

I have been working with Summar for approximately four years. My experience has been very good, what I liked the most is their work staff, in this case, my account executive since we have excellent work communication between us. He is always ready to help us and keeps us informed about all the benefits and offers that Summar has. I recommend Summar to any client who wants to associate with this factoring company.

Luis A.

I’m very proud of working with Summar for the last five years. It’s very important to have the right partner in this business. A partnership can make you, or it can destroy you – if you don’t choose right. Picking up the right trips with good money is very important, but so it is to have the money available in 24 hours like you have with Summar. I like having the advice from them about which company to work for, or which company not to work for because it is essential to work with a company that pays you your money and being secure. I recommend Summar factoring unconditionally, they go the extra mile to help you out with any problem. Problems are going to happen, it’s a matter of time, but how a company solves them is how they prove they are good or not, and Summar has proved me so far they are worth it.

A. Valle

I have been working with the Summar team for over three years. As usual, when you start to work with someone new, there’s going to be adjustments, but in less than 30 days, everything was going well. What I like the most is that if by chance, the person in charge of my account is absent, takes vacations, etc., the person who temporarily takes control of my account is well aware of how I report my work, etc. We all work in different ways, and they adapt to those circumstances. To summarize: I have had offers from other cash factors. I won’t leave Summar. I’m very happy.

Jeimy T.

We have been working hand in hand with Summar for almost four years, in which we have found the best help, reliability, and great support for our business. Our current account executive, with whom we have been with a little more than two years, always has the best disposition to supply our needs kindly, he has guided and educated us regarding factoring. We are 100% satisfied!!

Yudit E.

I have been working with Summar for more than three years. So far, they have done a good job; they always pay on time. I have even been able to improve my payment schedule and interest rate over time. I respect their credit reports very much. Unfortunately, some brokers do not pay or are not punctual in paying. And those reports have helped us a lot. I do not take loads if it is not with Summar. It is a shield that is there to help us not lose money.

L. Gonzalez

Thank you for all the exceptional services you provide to us as company owners. It makes all our work easier. We have referred many friends who are also very happy with the services that Summar offers, especially with our account executive… We are really very happy with all the services that Summar offers us. The fuel advance is very fast, the percentage they charge us is very little, the reservation is very good, and the credit check is super fast. We have no complaints at all, they always help us, they always answer us, every time I call or if we have any concerns, they help us with everything, so thank you, we are with you 100%

AC International Commerce

Excellent company, straight forward and honest

MT International distribution of meat

A great company. Works to understand your business and your needs. Works with you as a part of your company rather than solely a Client-Vendor relationship. Fast funding and always available to help with the business needs. I would highly recommend working with them.

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