Maximize Cash Flow with

Reverse Factoring Services

Strengthen your supply chain with accelerated payments and favorable terms

Factoring fee

as low as 1%

For companies with

annual revenues of +$20M

SCF lines from

$500K up to $2MM

How Reverse Factoring Enhances Cash Flow and Strengthens Supply Chains

Reverse factoring helps businesses optimize their cash flow and strengthen their supplier relationships. With reverse factoring, the buyer initiates the process by arranging financing for their suppliers, allowing them to receive early payment for their invoices. This mutually beneficial arrangement creates a win-win situation. Suppliers gain access to quick and reliable cash flow, enabling them to improve working capital, invest in growth opportunities, and manage their operations more efficiently. For the buyer, reverse factoring extends payment terms without negatively impacting suppliers, fostering stronger supplier relationships and ensuring a more robust and stable supply chain. By leveraging the benefits of reverse factoring, businesses can optimize their cash flow, enhance collaboration with suppliers, and achieve sustainable growth in today’s competitive marketplace.

Win-win solutions for smart companies

Industry experience

We’ve logged more than 20 years working with companies in the Food (Frozen Food, Produce, Seafood, among others), Manufacturing, Retail, Staffing & Service sectors.

A dedicated account executive will see to all aspects of your factoring line.

How does it work?


Apply online, call us, or have us call you


We’ll establish your credit limit


Submit your supplier invoices


We’ll cover up to 85% of their invoices

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When is it time to consider Reverse factoring?

High-growth opportunity

Your traditional funding sources are maxed out

Your credit rating is better than your suppliers’

Suppliers would benefit from an immediate payment

Exclusive services for our clients

With purchase order financing and inventory financing, you’ll be able to deliver more, seize bigger opportunities and larger orders, and grow your business faster.

Inventory finance

Leverage your inventory to improve your cash flow

Purchase order financing

Secure your production without compromising your capital

Factoring fee

as low as 1%

Up to 70%

of your inventory

Up to 30%

of the outstanding factoring line

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