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Factoring for trucking Companies

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Factoring fee

as low as 2%



Fuel advances

up to 50%

Accelerate Your Trucking Company’s Growth with Factoring

Cash flow gaps caused by delayed customer payments hinder your operations and limit expansion opportunities. Using factoring to convert outstanding invoices into immediate cash makes it easier to cover essential expenses, such as fuel, maintenance, and driver salaries. Factoring also provides a predictable source of funding, empowering trucking companies to take on new contracts, invest in equipment, and pursue growth initiatives. Contact us today to learn more and maximize your growth potential.

Faster payments and top-quality service to help your trucking company grow

Our advantages are clear, and so are our terms.

Non-recourse/Credit guarantee
No reserve programs
No hidden fees
No monthly minimum requirements

We’ve got you covered before, during, and after every load

Up to 50% fuel advances
Summar’s Fuel Card Rebate Program
Unlimited invoice creation

Above and beyond service

Unlimited credit checks
Collection services
Designated Account Executive
No long-term contracts

How does it work?


Apply online, call us, or have us call you


Check your broker’s credit 24/7 online


Haul & deliver your loads


Send us the BOL & Rate Confirmation Sheet


Receive up to 98% the same day

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When is the right time to consider factoring?

Growth Period

You need to invest in front-end costs to meet demand more trucks or staff.

Seasonal Downturn

With fewer accounts receivable, you need your payments as fast as possible.

New to Trucking

You need help during the hard first months and years of your business plan.

Would you like to know what exactly your operations costs are?

Let’s do the math together!


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