Maximize cash flow with

International Factoring Services

Sell your international accounts receivable. Get paid faster. Say goodbye to the risk of non-payment by overseas clients.

Initial set-up as

quick as 7 business days

Factoring fee

as low as 1%

Funding within

24 hours

Facilities from

$500k up to $10 million

Unlock Your Business’s Potential with International Factoring

Our international factoring services are a game-changer for importers and exporters. We’ll help your business cover operational expenses, seize growth opportunities, and improve trade relationships by offering flexible payment terms to buyers. We also help mitigate the risks associated with international transactions by transferring the credit risk to the factoring company. This protects your business from potential non-payment or insolvency of international buyers, enhancing your financial security.

As a valued Summar customer, you’ll have a dedicated account representative who understands your business and can provide valuable assistance with trade regulations and cultural differences. Our comprehensive international factoring services empower you to improve cash flow, navigate the complexities of international trade, and pursue new growth opportunities. Experience the difference Summar can make for your business today.

Faster payments and top-quality service to help your business grow

Industry & region specific experience

We’ve spent more than 20 years working with Latin-American exporters in Food (Frozen Food, Produce, Seafood, among others), Manufacturing & Retail sectors.

We’ll be your credit department

We’ll run credit checks of your buyers and insure your accounts receivable.

Above and beyond service

You get a dedicated account executive to manage all of your funding and collections.

How does it work?


Apply online, call us, or have us call you


We’ll check your buyer’s credit. You’ll grow at the speed of your sales, not your financial capacity


Submit your invoices


Receive up to 90%

How our clients feel about us

When is the right time to consider factoring?

High growth opportunity

Your sales are growing faster than your cash flow.

Clients with extended payment terms

High sales concentration with few customers

Exclusive services for our clients

With purchase order financing and inventory financing, you’ll be able to deliver more, seize bigger opportunities and larger orders, and grow your business faster.

Inventory finance

Leverage your inventory to improve your cash flow

Purchase order finance

Secure your production without compromising your capital

Factoring fee

as low as 1%

Up to 70%

of your inventory

Up to 30%

of the outstanding factoring line

Meet our team

Want to learn more about us?

Send us your contact information, and we’ll get in touch with you in one business day or less.

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