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Summar Financial is a US-based company that provides specialized Payroll Funding and Invoice Factoring solutions tailored to staffing firms. That’s what we do. We will meet your current and future needs seamlessly.

How Our Clients Feel About Us

A fast and easy funding experience for your staffing company every time

Summar understands the dynamic landscape of human capital delivery and making payrolls. We get it!

That’s why we developed fast, no-hassle funding —empowering your staffing firm with financial reliability and the confidence to sell and scale up when pitching to new clients. Empowerment, Reliability, and Results in the marketplace.

Never worry about meeting your payroll.

Optimize your cash flow to seize every opportunity.

Avoid unnecessary debt.

Gain the insight of an external expert who believes in your potential.

Summar Understands

Your Challenges

Staffing companies face significant challenges: pricing, expenses, aging A/R, regulatory burdens, deploying relevant technology, and rising risk management and benefit costs. In Summar, we consider these market realities. This is where our consultative approach makes a significant difference. From the very 1st call, we’ll discuss solutions and establish a partnership around these 4Cs.


The regulatory burdens are growing in complexity.


Operational costs are consistently on the rise, and pricing can get squeezed.


The landscape is highly competitive, with new players entering regularly.


Your products and services cost more.

Learn from our experts how to tackle these challenges and how factoring can help

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How does it work?

We check your clients and prospects’ financial trustworthiness for you. You’ll grow at the speed of your sales, not your financial capacity.
We set you up in 7 business days and fund you within 24 hours after submitting your invoices.
We collect from your clients. We have all the best practices to cultivate profitable, long-term relationships.

Contact us today to discuss the funding solution your staffing company needs. You’ll receive a prompt call back.

What makes Summar your go-to partner?

Summar’s factoring services ensure you have immediate funding to pursue growth opportunities without incurring debt while reducing the financial uncertainties related to late invoices.

BOA is our key lender; our key leaders and staff are in the US.

Our competitive and transparent rates, guidance, expertise, and highly rated customer service make Summar the preferred choice for staffing agencies.

Our consultative approach combines critical funding with expert guidance, helping you navigate complex challenges effectively.

Providing Consultative Financial Solutions

At Summar, we’ve spent over a decade working with staffing companies and learned to go beyond funding; we provide consultative financial solutions tailored to the unique requirements of the temporary staffing world and your company. Our team will help you achieve your growth objectives while granting financial stability and capital for the future. If you need help with compliance, insurance, timekeeping, taxes or anything else related to your industry, we are here to help. Call us and one of our experts will answer your questions.

Support for startups

Start strong by leveraging our expertise and fast funding to drive double-digit growth.

Reliability for SMB

Never miss an opportunity to grow while waiting for your bank to expand your line size.

Stability for big companies

Count on Summar’s clockwork solutions to strengthen your leadership.

Make our financial strength your financial strength

We understand your challenges and offer you transparent pricing with no chargebacks, all with highly personalized service. We are the no-hassle funding company.



+20 years

of experience

$ 1 billion

financed per year

Rely on us for swift and robust growth! With Summar, enjoy lightning-fast funding, unparalleled financial support, and flexibility. Stand out by adapting quickly to client needs and offering favorable terms, achieving more in the competitive landscape.
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