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Summar Carriers

Whit Cargoblaze: the Simple, Intuitive TMS.

All Summar factoring clients have access to our partner Cargoblaze TMS free of charge!

Cargoblaze allows you to track your trucks, trailers, drivers, and loads and manage Summar, your broker, or shipper in a single, easy-to-use platform.

Streamline Your Comms

Easily assign loads to your drivers, chat with them, and control your whole operation, from start to finish, in one place.

Optimize Your Information Flow

Get detailed, real-time information on your loads’ status and save time, money, and headaches with Cargoblaze.

Save Time and Money

Our platform provides a comprehensive solution for optimizing your travel routes to achieve maximum fuel savings when utilizing our fuel cards. Plan journeys efficiently by identifying the most cost-effective routes.

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How Does It Work?

The Features That Make Us Perfect for Growth

Customized for Small Companies

Find exactly the functions and features you need as a small company. Seamlessly control every vital aspect of your operation without excessive or confusing options.

Easy to Use

Cargoblaze is a simple, intuitive solution to help you switch from physical to digital management without disruptions or difficulties.

Designed to Boost Your Growth

By having all the critical information of your operation in one place, you’ll detect synergies and opportunities for improvement without losing sight of the details that matter the most to you.

Total Control

See where all loads are always. Share real-time information and paperwork with your employees, factoring company, or allies. Have control over your entire operation and your cash flow.

Accurately Calculate Your Fuel Taxes

Carriers can include their fuel receipts for each load and see precisely how many miles they traveled in each state. uses cookies to improve your site experience and to show you personalized advertising. To learn more, please read our Privacy Policy. Accept