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Our tailor-made funding solutions can be the perfect fit for your carriers.

Discover our referral program.

Summar’s freight factoring is the perfect complement for your business and your clients. Our programs are tailor-made for trucking and logistics companies that value faster payment and top-quality service. Refer your clients to Summar and get a 10% commission on the fees we earn.

When should your clients consider factoring?

Growth Period

Need to invest in front-end costs to meet demand. E.g. more trucks/staff.

Seasonal Downturn

With fewer accounts receivable, it is vital that payments be as fast as possible.

New to Trucking

Help during the hard first

Why choose us?

  • Non-recourse factoring/Credit guarantee
  • No term limit for load payment
  • No reserve programs available & no hidden fees.
  • Pricing ranges from 2-5%
  • No monthly minimum requirements 40-50% fuel advances
  • Discounted fuel card program
  • Unlimited invoice creation
  • Unlimited credit checking
  • 2-hour funding guarantee
  • Collection services
  • Automated reporting
  • Online account management & designated Account Executive
  • Extended hours. 9 am – 9 pm M-F, and 9 am -3 pm on Saturdays
  • No long term contracts
  • Fully bilingual staff

Your clients will be in good hands!

We will offer them above & beyond service all the way. From fuel advances to our credit guarantee: we’ll be your best financial partner.

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